In Australia, there are various law firms with skilled attorneys involved in fighting cases related to compensation claims on behalf of the employee which sometimes bring the companies into bad light and it is always considered a responsibility of the companies to arrange the necessary compensations in case of injuries or sickness caused to their employees which may include lifetime pension scheme. As in most of the cases, the compensation claims are legitimate and there are no questions which need answers when an applicant’s makes the request of compensation, it does not mean that there are no cases of fraud compensation claims which should be filed into courts.

In most of the cases, a doctor’s certificate is used to prove that the person is injured or is unable to work, which turns out to be the best way to get authentication of the claim, however in some cases further investigation may be necessary about the working status of the employee. Let me demonstrate this with the help of a story of a guy who filed for compensation when he reported that he had injured his back and could not work anymore. The certificates were legit and the company agreed to give him a yearly compensation of above 60,000 dollars per year since he was not able to work.

After 5 years, he still was claiming to not being able to work and presenting certificates which were not investigated by the company, which later turned out to be false with fake stamps. Actually the person had started working in a private taxi company 2 years after his injury but continued to receive benefits from the previous company again stating that he was not able to work. He was earning 120000 dollars per year and still receiving health compensation from the previous company which was obviously a fraud case and was exposed when an employee of the company saw the man driving a taxi for his living, and then later reported to the company officials who filed a case against him and were able to prove his fraudulent claims.


The guy was later imposed heavy fines and the company was given their money back. However certain negligence of the company lies in not investigating the reports which he presented since they were issued by  a friend of the guy in a hospital changed in order to benefit him.

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