Are you planning for a party, even or a wedding ceremony? You need great notes that will showcase your event in the best way possible and create a good impression to your guest. Mixbook has a great reputation for producing the best, quality and customizable save the date postcard that you will completely fall in love with. With a variety of themes, designs and reasonable prices offered by Mixbook, it becomes the best choice for printing your party, event or wedding postcards. Some of the advantages of using Mixbook include:

Easy to create and use

With Mixbook, creation, and use of save the date postcard a seamless process. They have web-editors who work tirelessly to show the process and how you can create your postcard in the shortest time possible. More so, you can upload your photo from any place that you may be and place them in the design of your choice using intuitive and straightforward controls. This way, with Mixbook you can upload your photos within the shortest time possible and also save much of your energy.

Various customization options

With a variety of top-notch editors, Mixbook offers different customization options for your postcards. You can upload your photos from your account, social media sharing sites or from your computer. The images created here can be used a multiple of times and can be added to your book using the quick auto-fill options or manually just as you prefer it. In the books, you can choose to move the photos outside and within their frames, zoom them, flip horizontally, rotate, add them to the background, and swap with other images as you prefer or even turn them into a two-page spread. As if these are not enough, you have the option of applying any effect, adjustments and reflections you need to your photos. With Mixbook, you are not bound to the selected themes either. There is room to change them the way you want, remove or add pictures and you can mix them with other ideas just as you wish.

Foolproof, superb photo book editors

You can never get it wrong with Mixbook editors. With a reliable editing process, each modification is auto-saved, text boxes spell-checked, and you can only work within the crop zones. The editors have thousands of designs and plenty of customization options to make a unique photo book of your dreams within a short period.

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Reasonable pricing

Compared to other book editing and postcards producing companies, Mixbook offers its products for somewhat reasonable and cheaper pricing. Depending on the size-cover pairing you select, the most affordable product is the smallest 8*6 size book which has a soft cover which costs $15.99 and the biggest is 8.5*8.5 book with a soft cover which goes at $19.99.While you may think these prices are too high, Mixbook offers various discounts and coupons in their website which you can apply to help you save on your first purchases on multiple products, give gift cards as presents and invite friends.

The Bottom line

Overall, with quite a good number of pros highlighted above, mixbook is the best company for your save the date postcard. You will enjoy the services of well-versed editors enjoy reasonable priced that will allow you to purchase an extra item as well as have a variety of customizable options just as you wish.

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