Transportation of pianos is processed with an adequate cargo vehicle, a van or a truck depending on the type of piano. When it comes to transporting a piano what matters is the weight and the dimensions of this musical instrument. In order to move it, you will need experienced transport workers who will be able to transfer it from one place to another. Another thing that really matters is to provide a good protection and a good placement of the musical instrument. Accurate Moving services have their own services of piano transfer.

You should not be doing this by yourself. To transfer a piano, you will need a professional moving company.

If you need transportation of your musical instrument before you decide to contact a moving agency check the following:

whether the area in which you are moving has enough room for your piano,

whether the place has an access to the building such as an elevator because it is impossible to carry that heavy musical instrument by taking the stairs,

can the piano pass through the entrance of the building?

check if some of the things on the way intended for accommodation may interfere with the piano transportation. This primarily applies for all the larger pieces of furniture that might impede the passage into the room as well as the passage through the hallway and stairs in the building.

All these precautions are important because they will affect your finances if you damage some furniture in your home or if you damage the musical instrument. So, if you hire a moving company, they will take the full responsibility while transferring the piano, and if something happens during the process, they are the ones who will be responsible for repairs or replacements.

If you need to move the piano from one city to another it will be a lot more complicated. But with the right vehicle, protection and the right people, your musical instrument will be placed exactly where you want to.

But if you decided to perform that process all by yourself, note that it will be very hard to make it possible. Not only that, this will even cost you a lot more than hiring a moving company. First of all, you need to think about renting an appropriate vehicle or borrow it from someone you know. Then, you need to provide special materials to cover the whole piano and straps to protect it inside the truck or van. And not to mention that you will need to place it in the van or truck without scratching it. You will need at least 5 other people to do that successfully. Then, you need to be able to drive carefully to the desired place and take it out of the truck or van. Again, you will need a lot of people to perform that action. You, with the help of other people will need to take it to the right place making sure you don’t damage anything.