A well-groomed dog is always healthier and more active as compared to the dogs that are given proper care and attention. Grooming does not mean simply rushing through their coat and giving them a clean bath, in fact it is much more than that. There are a number of activities that come under the umbrella of grooming like brushing the coat of your dog, taking care of their eyes and ears, giving attention to their dental hygiene etc. If you own a dog it is extremely important that you know exactly how to groom your dog so that you can have a happy and healthy dog for life.

Before I move further and tell you some tips and tricks of grooming your dog, make sure you have all the supplies needed to perform the tasks perfectly. Get all the nail trimmers, hair trimmers, shampoo, towel, and items for cleaning the dog’s eyes and ears, mouth cleaning tools, etc. if you have all these items you are ready to groom your dog.

Tips & Tricks for Grooming Your Dog:

Below are listed some amazing tips and tricks for grooming your dog ideally:

  1. Make sure to brush the hair of your dog very softly and thoroughly before washing the dog because the knots are impossible to untangle after getting wet. Use a quality dog brush with essential oils that will untangle the hair and remove dust if any. Make sure to get the right brush for your dog. If your dog has shorter hair, use a curry brush to brush it out but if your dog has longer hair you may need a pin brush or an undercoat rake.
  2. Trim your dog’s rough hair before giving it a bath. Unattended matted hair usually allow bacteria to grow making your dog sick so it is best to cut it out in time.
  3. Clean your dog’s eyes carefully and gently. Make sure that your eyes do not have any signs of irritation or complication or discharge. Clean the debris around the corners of their eyes and use products if you need.
  4. Use an ear cleaning solution on a cotton ball and wipe the ears softly to remove any wax from the ears. Your dog may hate to get their ears touched so you have to be very careful.
  5. Clean the teeth of your dog to make his teeth from periodontal disease.

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