Prevention is key when it comes to Dewan termites. It does not take long for termites to reek a great amount of havoc on your decking materials. Termites love to eat wood, which makes your deck a great target for them. We have some great tips for you to use to avoid having a problem with termites on your deck.

Avoid Moisture

Termites prefer wood that has been saturated in water. As water sits on the wood, it becomes easier for termites to break down the different nutrients in the wood. We understand that it is often not possible to keep your deck dry all the time. Rain water is not going to cause a problem with termites. The problem with water occurs when the water is sitting on the wood for multiple days without drying out. For example, a leak in the spicket above your deck could cause a problem. As the water continually drips on the wood, it is going to start to break down and attract termites. Fixing any places that may be leading to your decking remaining wet is a great way to avoid termites destroying your deck.


There are different treatments that you can use on natural wood decking. From stains to sealants, there are many different options for you to choose from on the market. Treating your wood is a great way to help keep termites away. Termites prefer to infest wood that is easy for them to breakdown. As you treat your wood, it is making it strong. You can find many different treatments options. If you are looking to stain your deck, you may be able to find a stain that has a treatment for the wood inside of the stain. Doing this once every year or two is well worth the time and effort that you have to put in.

Catch it Early

If you think you may have termites eating at the wood on your deck, the best thing you can do is catch the problem early. The longer you wait to find the problem, the more termites you are going to find and the greater the damage is going to be. If you even think that there may be termites in the wood, you should contact a company like this montgomery pest control company to come and assess the situation. They will be able to determine how big of a problem you have you can be the most successful at removing the termites. The sooner you catch the problem, the easier it is going to be. There will be a smaller number of termites and the damage is going to be less extensive. If you wait even a few weeks to get help you can be putting your deck at risk for major damage.

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