Some simple steps to follow in order to create your dissertation;

Reading and Research:

The first step in understanding how you are going to write you dissertation is to read the materials and past dissertations from your department or library but relative to your subject. This gives you an idea about how the overall dissertation is structured and reading research papers relevant to your topic help you in getting the basis of your literature review. It is better to not down important points related to your topic so that you can quote them later. Also keep a dissertation copy for your reference so that you can see how the references are given under the pictures and within the text.

Creating a mind map:

By a mind map I mean putting all the ideas you have about writing your dissertation on a piece of paper. If you have to write 60 pages, you can divide your ideas such as of literature review and methodology, results and allocate them certain number of pages and this clearly helps in your writing. You do not really need to start and finish one chapter and then only move to the second, as I used to write whatever I like to write giving me a satisfaction that yes I am progressing slowly with every chapter.

Prepare a Draft and Discuss with your Supervisor:

It is always better to perform your work and then write a bit about it so that you do not fall behind in writing your dissertation. It is always best to prepare a draft of your dissertation and discuss it with your supervisor. In case he does not have time to give it a read; you can simply summarize the main points of every chapter and he can then advice you if you are going in the right direction or if some points need to go into another chapter.

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 Editing and Proofreading:

The last and probably the most important part of the dissertation is editing and proof reading your work which is not an easy task and there are always mistakes present whenever you read your work. The best advice would be to pay for college papers at least for the purpose of editing and proof reading to make sure that a single spelling mistake cannot ruin your efforts and also p[professor’s idea of giving you great grades.

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