With the cold winter months fading, it’s time to turn our focus to a few things. The warmer days mean you can get out and do a lot of the things we could; barbeques, picnics, gardening, etc. One not so enjoyable spring activity is the big spring clean. If you are going to do a spring clean do it right! Here are a few pointers to keep you on track.

Focus on Specific Areas at a Time and Clean Until Completed

Break the house down into sections; basement, garage, toolshed, bedrooms, guest room, etc. After you have defined zones, focus on the worst zones worst. A big part of cleaning is feeling that relief of finishing, so even though there’s still cleaning to do, marking off each zone one by one helps to give that motivation to get the next one done… otherwise you feel like you are working really hard with no results.

Do It All

It may seem obvious when we say do it ALL, but there are a lot of different aspects to this. Firstly, if you’re cleaning your house you should clean your computers too. See what services and products you can find at Newegg for any cyber cleaning needs. Along the same lines, don’t be one of those spring cleaners that just gathers their junk in one place year after year. That’s part of the problem in the first place. Go through that stuff and take the majority of it to your nearest donation center. You can let them decide what is worth selling and what they will toss. You can even ask for a receipt and write it off on your taxes!

Focus on the Floors

The winter months are incredibly rough on home floors. There’re all kinds of dirt and grime in the carpets and scuff marks all over the floors from sand, salt, gravel, chemicals, etc. Go through and spot clean the worst stains and then call in a professional team to finish it off. Look on Groupon.com to see if you can find any deals on floor services in your area!

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