Years have gone by, and men have always been innovative with a different form of technology, right from the use of stones by the early cave men, through advancement in Dane gun, and now Short gun; all to increase the speed to get to their target. That is their tool! In our world today, tracking time for work as an employer and employee has been a great deal because there are lots of people and activities to keep up with. However, that is history now.

Today, Buddy Punch allows you to clock in and out in every business field that takes time with optimum priority. Founded since 2013, Buddy Punch puts the back of the traditional clock to the ground with its awesome features and capability. Howbeit, with easier accessibility, Buddy punch digital software can be used with your device either the PC or your mobile phone to track employee time card through its browser or app.

Why choose Buddy Punch Time Clock Software?

  1. It makes time management fun; having a simpler interface, this software reduces your hassle with time control to the minimal level without worry or negative expectation in running a business.
  2. It eliminates time wastage; update of reports that are needed without delay can be accomplished through Buddy Punch. Most importantly, Buddy Punch software makes payroll easier. This software has many inbuilt options on calculating your overtime. It supports; No Overtime, 38, 40 and 44 Hour Work Weeks, and California Overtime.
  3. It is very simple to use; without any prior knowledge or any exhaustive previous training, Buddy punch simply handles human error with ease as it automatically fixes errors and then notifies you.
  4. It is prioritized for your security; worry less because all your information is encrypted. You can also take images of each punch you make has the software comes alongside a webcam and IP address. With this you can easily verify your workers location as they punch theirs too.
  5. It is very easy to navigate; for both administrator and employee, there is no more need for paper, handwritten time cards or even excel spreadsheet with the clear value of time you get from Buddy Punch.

General Features of Buddy Punch Time Software

  • Scheduling Features; Employee Scheduling, Approval Process Control, Employee Database, Automatic Lunch & Breaks, Multiple Projects, Self Service PTO Requests, and Multiple Pay Rates.
  • Time Tracking Features; Employee Photo Verification, Overtime Management, Flexible Pay Periods, IP Time Stamping, Multiple Clock In/Out Methods, Offline Timesheets, Hourly Employee Tracking, and Project Time Tracking.
  • Other Time Tracking Features; Flextime Tracking, Sick Leave Tracking, Project Time Tracking, Hourly Employee Tracking, Vacation / Leave Tracking, Time Card Calculator and Salaried Employee Tracking
  • Support Features; Phone/ PC, Blog, FAQ, Email, Normal business hours, Knowledge base, Forums, Request form and English language.

What Can I Expect with the Pricing?

There are two different price structures for purchasing Buddy Punch Time Clock Software. You should know that there is 30 days free trial for your first launch!

  • The First, purchase the license outright and then own the system from the beginning. This purchase plan is scheduled on the number of employees that need to use the program.
  • The Second, here the price structure subscription is either monthly or per annum. This time subscription option attracts a per-user monthly or yearly fee.

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