When someone is facing legal challenges and acquisitions against them, they are thrown with many other challenges too. These challenges can be both mental and physical. Along with a metal trauma and stress they might be experiencing, they have to take some wise decisions as well.  Like what move will be beneficial, what kind of criminal defense lawyer Toronto can help, one keeps on juggling with.

Canadian law allows them to hire a criminal defense lawyer Toronto to represent them during the trials. Since there are two types of criminal lawyers one is public defender and privately practicing lawyer, the indecisiveness prevails.

Who is a Public defender?

They are that category of lawyers who are hired by the court and further expected to serve clients assigned by the court. Here are certain features and grounds that they may practice which are both in flavour and against. Visit Facebook to know more about the services.

In flavour:

  • Since they are hired by the government they come across with different kinds of cases on almost daily basis. Thus the exposure they get and expertise they attain is huge and nowhere comparable to any of the private lawyer. Thus indeed gives them an upper hand over others.
  • Many people who are short of financial resources and cannot afford the expensive private lawyer; public defender becomes any ideal choice for them. As their fees is nominal and sometimes nil.


  • The population which cannot afford to pay a huge price to a private lawyer is huge too. And the public defenders are limited in number. Thus the amount of time a private practitioner can dedicate to their clients is obviously more than a public defender may invest. Hence despite of vast experience and exposure the shortage of time pulls them back in the race. Cylex extends more information on the matter.
  • Since they are always short of time, the attention and study that needs to be applied becomes a challenge. And the public defender is found short of arguments and appropriate study work. Thus the delay in the trials and justice is expected. No matter what the severity is of the offence, justice delayed is as good as justice denied.

Who is a privately practicing lawyer?

He is someone who practices independently or under some law firm and the one who is personally chosen by the client.

Their act of practice too has to undergo certain scrutiny and scanning. This is further conducted on basis of morals they follow, the grounds they like to perform eventually challenges and questions their credibility. To which only their caliber has to face the test of intelligence.


The only shortcoming turned accusation a private lawyer has to face is the amount of fees they charge. They are usually considered expensive and sometimes termed over-priced.  This makes them out of reach for many people who are incompetent to pay such huge amount.

When caliber speaks up

This shortcoming can only be challenged on the grounds of caliber and time a private practitioner may bring and devote to their clients will only guarantee justice in no time. Get in touch with us for more information.

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