Capture management services are of the most important in the proposal development process. Although all of them are closely correlated, and only a joint force of effective collaboration leads to real success, this phase is important because it gives you the first information about your chances to win a contract award.

Preparing a strong strategy to enter and succeed in the Federal Market requires time, effort, and budget. In addition to every effort, experience and expertise have a great role, too. That’s why it’s important to assign a special team backed up by intelligence resources and senior-level expertise to prepare an effective capture management plan that will allow you to compete in a successful and powerful way.

What Does A Capture Plan Involve?


Customer Intelligence

Knowing your customer well enough will help you understand their needs and requirements. An experienced capture manager will build a relationship with officials to establish an effective communication. Learning valuable information about the Government expectations from the respective acquisition will enable your company to focus their strategies in the right direction. If you want to achieve this, you must absolutely involve this process in the capture management plan from the very first moment that you identify an opportunity you want to pursue!

Competitive Research


Knowing your customer is very important, but, knowing who your main competitors should not be neglected as well. Every potential contractor must be aware that there are dozens of other companies that will fight fiercely for that award. They will do everything to gain competitive advantage to develop unique strategies. This is what you should do, too!

Make sure to go to Industry Days organized by the Federal Agency that has released the RFP. There you’ll be able to identify who you’ll be competing with and start a competitive research. This way, your business strategists will gather important information about them, learn about their past experience, and assess their winning possibilities.

Win Strategies


Once you’ve gathered sufficient resources about your customer and competitors, it’s time for winning strategies. Developing an effective, compelling plan that differentiates your company among all others is hard, but not impossible. Make sure to use the information you compiled about your competitor’s weaknesses and customer’s hot buttons and use them at your advantage to claim that award!