If you visit any conference room in the US today, chances are you will see a Polycom conference phone thee. These dark exclusive triangular conference pones have been used for countless remote conference calls from the last two decades – from corporate quarterly earnings calls to routine based calls that get everyone to sync up.

Bring Business Associates On One Page

Regardless of where people are living in the world, teams come together and meet each other on phone to collaborate. Not just is it cost-effective as you can now avoid both costs and time spent in traveling, it also facilitates bringing people together even on a short notice to discuss urgent business matters with ease.

Superior Quality

The best thing about Polycom conference phones like Polycom Soundstation 2 Conference Phones is that they have been integrated with superior quality technology, which makes users fee almost like they are in the same room with the person they are communicating with. The Soundstation is intended for bigger rooms and there are models that work well with either analog phone lines or digital PBX lines. The Voicestation is best for small spaces or conference rooms and works with analog lines.

Best Conference Call Experience

It is the feature of conference phones like the Polycom Soundstation 2 Conference phones to provide an amazing conference call experience that makes these Polycom devices the top preference for both big and small business users year after year. The device features complete duplex technology along with high definition audio that allows users to have natural two-way conversations. They are actually made to reproduce sounds as clearly and crisply as possible for all participants that are on both ends of the call.

Company’s Vision

Since Polycom started in the 90s, founders Jeffery Rodman and Brian Hinman had a vision to build a company that can provide the best quality speakerphones. Today, Polycom products also include video conferencing and data sharing targeted to allow friction-free unified team collaborations.

Do Not Compromise On Anything Less Than The Best

Polycom phones such as the Polycom Soundstation 2 Conference Phones, along with high definition HD quality cameras and video conferencing technologies are all set to take unified team based collaborations to new levels. Polycom is certainly a brand that businesses can expect to continue to be behind some of the superior quality and outstanding conferencing devices and gadgets.

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