Between six months and a year is the right time and preferable to be able to organize a business fair on time, but those of us that are in the business world know that the time is not always in our favor. Therefore, it may be more than adequate for our schedule to consider getting a design booth for the Mobile World Congress, an event that is taking place in just three months. Can you plan a strategy on time to attend said fair? Will you have the perfect booth ready by the end of February if you start in December? We tell you how to make it possible.

Hire an expert company in design & booth setting

The most important thing at this moment is not to lose even a second and start moving forward steadily. A fair, either of the magnitude of the MWC or a more local one, requires a lot of effort since it is an outstanding showcase for our company. Therefore, we must see our strong points reflected in the presentation that our potential clients are going to see.

The only way to accelerate the pace without losing quality is by increasing resources and having highly qualified professionals

For this reason, we cannot spare neither resources nor professionals. Once we have decided and reserved the space within the fair, we must contact a company that has extensive experience in the sector, this means that they must have worked with tight deadlines, participated in similar fairs, and it must be a company that can reflect what we want in our booth.

Trust and delegate

Having a clear idea of what we want is very important when it comes to working with little time. Therefore, we must express our ideas, intentions, preferences, etc. but we must entrust the company in charge of our stand through our guidelines, so

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