The guys at Quite Great Music PR strive to be one of the best music PR agencies in the UK having operated their DIY label service offering bands a structured release pattern in line with the classic era of label development but it is always a struggle to make sure that expectations match the services offered.

Over the twenty odd years we have been in business the Best Music PR agencies are those who clearly outline what they will do for an artist as opposed to exactly what the artist wishes to hear.

There is no magic formula when aiming to build media profile for a developing artist as frontline media is so hard to build hence for artists building their career we always use the analogy of building a house.

When we are discussing the type of release structure to fit a band, sadly it is best to get the financial aspect sorted out first, as if you are discussing an exciting long term plan with a team only to discover that financially it is out of your reach, you will be disappointed.

So initially explain what you need and how you are viewing your business model hence from that point, Quite Great, or any other long standing music PRagency, should be able to outline a plan for you to consider. Exactly as if you were sitting with your architect and outlining your building wishes in line with your budget.

From that stage these following tips are a useful guide.

Do you get a plan outlining what happens throughout the campaign duration?

Are you clear on what you are guaranteed in terms of coverage and what is merely agency optimism?

Do you understand how many team members you will be working with?

Do you get weekly reports?

Do you have the ability to discuss the reports with your team?

Does your agency have a background for developing creative publicity?

Do you know the background of the people running the company i.e. where they previously worked so you have a background on the labels etc. for whom they have worked?

Do you fully understand how the media they are aiming to deliver links together? Will radio only or press only or online only help build your band?

Check how long the company has been going and how solid it is, as you would not want your campaign to be interrupted by the agency falling apart.

Do you have a structured release pattern that fits your budget hence allowing you the time to grow as you are in theory running a small business and money flows out in the medium term more than it flows in and you need to recognise this.

There are many strong PR companies who are involved in music but only you can decide which is the best music PR agency in the UK for your needs.

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