People say actions speak louder than words, and in the aggressive world of advertising, absolutely nothing speaks more volume than having your brand printed on a glossy event marquee.

What is a marquee?

A marquee is a tent-like structure usually placed in front of prominent structures like hotels, theaters, and building entrances. Depending on the size, a large marquee can also serve as a function hall for an outdoor social or commercial event where a great number of people can wine and dine comfortably.


Occasions like outdoor conventions, sporting events, wedding receptions (even the wedding itself), parties, and funerals are known to commonly make use of a marquee.There are a number of marquee types that can cater to your specific sense of aesthetics and needs. There are mini stall, inflatable dome, single pole star, double star, pagoda, canopy, and even custom made.

How can it use in advertising a brand or company name?

Since marquees are usually set up in various strategic locations and events, a custom made, printed marquee can serve a dual purpose of providing a roof and being an event display that can flaunt your brand, service or product without being overly intrusive or rude.

An eye-catching marquee can help make your business pop out and float above the rest by making a lasting first impression on anybody who sees. You can hire a professional to help you design a unique marquee that can successfully symbolize your product, service, or brand.

With a simple glance, it can reach a vast number of your target audience within the area and at the same time, serve as a colorful introduction to those that are new to your company and brand, making them want to know a little bit more about it by going inside the marquee and asking relevant questions to the one in charge.

Are printed marquees only good for advertising businesses?

Of course not! Media outlets also use printed marquees to promote TV shows and movies. A marquee with a printed well-known cartoon character can surely entice any child to drag their parents toward that colorful display for a better look. On the other hand, a marquee which features a beloved TV series will definitely attract most of its loyal fans and will even get some seriously curious onlookers to check out what it is all about.

So the next time you want to advertise something, try saying it with a marquee.

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