Google launched a feature that offers individuals as well as businesses a platform for communicating with audience and public. Known as Google Posts among most commentators, but Google hasn’t finalized official name for this feature,it appears as a carousel of cards style updates on SERPS.

This particular feature was introduced originally as a part of Presidential Elections in the U.S, giving a means for the candidates to give their personal messages via Google. But later on, some internet searches have identified that a small amount of U.S based local businesses have been using it in return of prominent billing on search results pages.

According to the search engine optimization specialist Toronto, the existence of this feature hasn’t been officially claimed by Google, but resources have managed to confirm that it’s been launched on test basis, and that’s why it’s been rolled out to a limited number of local businesses.

Among these businesses, only three are popular ones:

  • A day spa and masseur
  • Wedding rings and engagement ring retailers
  • A comic book store

You’ll be more than eager to know the impact of Google’s newest innovation, so let’s dive in and see what these businesses have gained so far.

Andrews Jewelers

They were the first to be spotted using this unique feature. Those who have entered the correct keywords saw a miniature carousel of the latest posts made by the business in SERPs. Each post has a time stamp. And each post has a share button for republishing on FB, Google+ and Twitter.

Posts have been showcased in search results, but it is also noteworthy that businesses using Google posts will not get any kind of artificial boost. Instead, the posts will appear below their highest entry on SERPs.

If you click on the company’s logo, you will be taken to the feed of published posts. Many of the users speculate that this feature could be phased in as a Google+’s replacement, which has noticeably been stripped out of branded searches as of late.

Escape Pod Comics

Next, Escape Pod Comic, a local NY based business was spotted using Google Posts feature.

There is a good mix of posts on its feed, with videos, GIFs, Images and text posts for business promotion. Most of the posts spotlight individual artists and upcoming events. As a matter of fact, the business has been utilizing the feature quite well, using GIFs to separate itself from other similar businesses.

The page also features Pod’s blog of Escape. There are posts making use of screenshots from store’s Instagram. Interestingly, the posts are currently appearing on, not on localized Google searches.

A Healthy Choice Spa

Third in the list is beauty spa and masseurs from Lincoln, Nebraska. The business frequently updates posts on Google, making at least three posts a day. These updates are concise and simple. Some of them have images, GIFs or Links while others are single line texts.


At this stage, it’s impossible to say whether updating more frequently on Google Posts could be an advantage, a disadvantage, or not really make a difference. In a situation where most or all businesses on Google have their own Posts feed, it’s conceivable that Google could boost the more active publishers higher up the search results, but this could also turn out not to be a factor at all.

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