The coworking space has come to encompass more than just your average desk with an internet connection. Today’s coworking hub in Australia has grown to encompass labs that not only provide businesses workspace but also a place to make the types of connections for business growth. The mission of most coworking spaces seems to be to provide businesses with a platform for fleshing out ideas while building relationships within the space.

Both the dedicated desk and the hot desk offer businesses and professionals a less expensive office solution than conventional office space, which can increase overhead significantly. The dedicated desk space for hire, especially, is a great deal for businesses who need an inexpensive workspace while still needing access to the community. One of the major benefits of the dedicated desk is that it provides professionals with the best of both worlds – a place to work and network.

Let’s take a closer look at the dedicated desk, its features as well as its benefits.

Leasing A Dedicated Space

The dedicated space is simply a permanent desk space that professionals lease. This desk is your assigned one and can be used at your convenience, even when the office is very busy. As with the hot desk, renters are charged one monthly sum for leasing space.

The leases are very flexible with some having advantages of reserving space in other locations where the serviced office exists. Finally, like many other plans in the coworking space, the dedicated desk can allow professionals to scale up when necessary. While the dedicated desk is slightly more expensive than the hot desk workstation, there are a number of advantages to choosing this workspace style.

Private And Quiet Space

One of the advantages of leasing a dedicated desk is that it provides professionals who need both privacy and quiet with a place to work in the coworking community. During the peak hours of the day, the community is quite the hub of activity. Noise levels can rise making it difficult to concentrate, and there is the privacy issue.

For professionals who work on sensitive materials, the dedicated desk can give you the same privacy you would get while working in a private office without the price tag. Your dedicated space will allow you to work without worrying about exposing sensitive material to prying eyes or working without being bothered by the intrusions that can interfere with work. The privacy and quiet that the space provides make it worth the extra in overheads at the end of the month.

Private Space With Community

At the same time, the dedicated desk also has a bridge into the coworking community. Community events held by the space managers can provide both a social and professional outlet for start-ups and other businesses trying to establish themselves in the community. Great coworking spaces manage to provide their members with conferences featuring experts from the business community and networking events that connect professionals.

Less Responsibility And More Flexibility

The dedicated desk alleviates businesses of the responsibility of running an entire office, but at the same time, it gives the flexibility to move when needed. The desk gives you the privacy you need with all of the amenities of a regular office while giving you the freedom to leave without the great orchestration that is usually a part of moving to another office. Again, this is another benefit that provides businesses with a win-win situation.

Dedicated Desk Space Features And Benefits

There are too many reasons to take advantage of the dedicated desk in the coworking community. This permanent space is also a part of a dynamic, energetic, engaging community. The mix of these three qualities encourages productivity while making connections that are integral for growth.