There is a worldwide known the tradition that people believe in. It is about some colors and some people believe that some colors bring happiness, and some less. Everything in this world is about energy, including the colors, it is believed that what you wear will attracts happiness and success. So be very careful about colors. Not only when you wear them on your clothes, but also in your home. There are Chemical Solutions that allow you to mix colors and get the perfect one for your home. They should be bright, but not too much with the perfect shade that will work with the furniture and the floors too.

You probably heard of Feng Shui before and you know how it works. It is believed that the negative energy is the main cause of all problems. In order to avoid negative energy in your home repaint the walls and see how everything will change in no time. The home will look refreshed and new, and no one can blame you for that.

If you select the right color of on your clothes, it can bring you happiness in the moments when you need it most. As we equip the house according to the rules of Feng Shui and expect good energy, so it is with wardrobe.

It is now recommended to wear clothes with colors that symbolize the ancient elements.

So the first two colors that are recommended are green and brown. Buy green tops, sweaters or pants in chocolate color. Also, you can wear and colors that symbolize Water and Earth, because those colors support the tree and create good energy. Good energy is not that easy to find. One needs to make an effort and choose the right color combination.

Apart from brown and green, the two colors that are recommended are blue and black. The little black dress and blue jewelry are a great combination for better luck as well as in Feng Shui.

The next group of colors that are recommended are earth tones: creamy, apricot, brick, plum. Cassia and cream shades are best for to welcome sunny days.

Apart from the wardrobe these colors can also be used in the home for a painting purpose. To attract the positive energy, use bright and natural colors. It is always a great idea to add some bright colors in your home to make it look more positive. If you decide to paint your walls in earth color it will be a great idea to add a green picture or frame on the wall.

Do you have to avoid certain colors?

Feng Shui experts say you should. The colors symbolize the elements of Metal and Fire, such as white or light gray, purple, orange or red will bring you plenty of positive energy and happiness. So do not hesitate to mix with certain colors and add life in your home, but that should be according to some rules of Feng Shui.