The bodies of mammals comprise of native receptors in the brain for cannabinoids. These receptors run through the entire nervous system, eventually influencing the functioning of different organs and the nervous system on the hole. Their prime function is to govern and regulate different body functions like emotional states, memory, appetite, and pain tolerance. For patients, be it pets or humans, experiencing excessive anxiety, pain or lack of appetite, CBD supplements turn out to be quite beneficial in providing relief from these symptoms.

Research indicates that cannabidiol does not function, or operates weekly on the CB1 and CB2 receptors present in the brain.  These two receptors are generally influenced by the use of THC, which brings along cognitive changes associated with being ‘stoned’ or feeling ‘high’. In fact, CBD dog treats help suppress and counteract the effects of THC. CBD binds to different receptors in the brain and it helps lessens anxiety, alleviate pain, regulate body temperatures and treats lack of appetite.

What Are CBD Dog Treats Generally Used For?

CBD dog treats are cannabidiols that affect the brain and body on the whole. They are not to be used as a cure for any specific ailment; they are used as palliatives for numerous neurological and persistent pain and inflammation causing conditions. CBD dog treats have been particularly used for the following purposes:

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  • Pain relief in dogs suffering from chronic pain conditions or arthritis
  • Mitigating anxiety that is associated with separation stress, travel, and startling noises
  • Stimulating appetite in dogs who are refusing or troubling while eating
  • Stabilizing and calming dogs who suffer from heart issues or seizures
  • For pets in whom prescribed medications lead to adverse effects

CBD dog treats are available in biscuits or treats, with flavors and tastes that appeal a lot to dogs. These treats work well for all those dogs that reject, refuse or are resistant to medications in tablet or pill form. They perhaps be useful for pets that do not appreciate injections or for whom the standard form of medications proves to be ineffective. Can you take too much CBD oil? Yes, it surely is possible and does not lead to any adverse effects in your pets.

Considering the skepticism that surrounds the medical uses of cannabis, the CBD dog treats prove to be extremely beneficial when other avenues have been exhausted, but it should only be given after consulting a veterinarian.


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