Custom printed tape should be something companies consider as they decide what their package should look like. Packaging has actually become a marketing blind spot for many companies as they simply overlook this as a means to strengthen their branding.

How to come up with a creative packaging tape

It is one thing to be using custom tape for your packages. It is another to have a very creative design that will catch the attention of the public. But coming up with different ideas on how to make it look will not be easy. You may have 2-3 good ideas but the others might just be a rehash or ideas that are just not as good as the first few. But the more you use your creativity, the better it becomes at generating ideas.

There is a process that goes into generating good ideas that involves a lot of preparation and hard work. A good place to start is to watch what other people are producing and reading upon a range of topics. This will give you inspiration and give you direction on where to start. Also different cultures have their own art and architecture. It can be a good idea to expose yourself to that. Searching the web is a great way to see just what your competition is producing.

In other words, it is a good idea to take the time and do the research before concretely deciding on which packaging tape to settle for.

Standing out from competition

It is imperative to have that design which stands out and of which people can easily identify. Just like when people train at the gym to get physically stronger, it will take some time to get the desired output.

When you keep up with the trends and what other people are creating it is the best way to find the most creative campaigns. Reddit is a great source of inspiration for many due to the nature of the content which can be random, weird, uplifting and anything in between. Turning to the media, such as news-led graphs and info graphics, newspapers and other mediums can offer great examples of journalistic content.

Data visualization is another great place to see what catches people’s attention and what kinds of information works. All this data and information can get overwhelming to some. That is why it is best to stick to what your target audience finds appealing.

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