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Google has just officially announced the launch of automatic conversion of flash ads to HTML5 across all mobile devices and browsers that do not support flash. Approximately two years back, Google, in its official blog, announced its plans to roll out Flash to HTML5 conversion tools for both DoubleClick campaign manager and Google display Network that could create an HTML5 model of a flash ad. Now with the official launch of such tools, an interactive HTML5 ad will be displayed instead of a fixed image making it easier for marketers to target potential users over Google display network on devices that do not bear Flash.

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The search engine giant has long been striving for this to happen, for instance in year 2010, the Google supported YouTube made a statement to launch a beta version of an HTML5 video player. Five years later, in January 2015, it finally discarded Flash in support of HTML5 by default. Now, the Google will convert all qualified Flash ad campaigns, all old and new, to HTML5 version automatically. An advertiser will only be required to upload their desired ad via AdWords, AdWords Editor, or any 3rd party tool that operates in compliance with the Google ad platform. Google further mentioned that it will add a kind of notification on all the successfully converted Flash ads. Such initiative has been utilized for effective search engine optimization marketing and strategic planning.

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These efforts seem to turn web ads into something less bothersome. Not every ad will be converted, but this launch will be having a significant impact on a huge share of new advertisement campaigns. With this new and impressive tool, Google is lending a helping hand to advertisers for developing alluring display ads no matter what the device or screen size is, to deliver an enhanced experience for both users and brands. In short, the company is moving forward to ditch Flash campaigns and in light of such updates and practices, we can expect to witness a time when all ads will be created in HTML5 by default. From the release of this effective initiative, numerous business companies across the whole world including small, medium and large scale have been maximizing the Search engine optimization and other marketing advantages.

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