In this era of advanced technology, up gradation of every service outstretching its previous limits is the main concern of every company. Aviation Companies in India have always shown their mettle among the competitive market of foreign airlines companies. Civil aviation of India is soaring towards the target of becoming the third largest aviation market by 2020 and ruling the entire market by becoming the number one by 2030.

Statistical analysis

  • From May 2015 to May 2016, domestic airline companies have witnessed an increase of 21.63% in passenger’s volume.
  • It is a whopping 1.54 million passenger increase from 7.13 million to 8.67 million in one year.
  • According to a current survey submitted on March 2016, aircraft movements all over India in totality stand at 160,830, profiting the airline services in India with a rise of 14.9% in comparison to previous year.
  • India is among five best airlines services all over the world with 275 million new passengers count at present.

These statistical reports convey the factor that aviation companies in India is not only evolving in the domestic aviation market, but it is getting global recognition as well. Though aviation companies in India are expanding their wings in the universal airlines market, it does not mow down the service-quality and performance level in the domestic platform.

Service offerings of Indian aviation companies for Indians

  • Low costing flight tickets.
  • Daily flights availability to nearly all the states
  • Online flight bookings
  • 24×7 customer service availability
  • Quick flight reservations

In the term of cost effectiveness, flight tickets are made budget friendly in accordance to provide aviation facility to more people. With a detailed market research, figures show that airline ticket prices are of a similar, if not of closer value as compared to that of super-fast trains like Rajdhani or Shatabdi, which provides the same level of services like providing food or services for a comfortable journey.

Some of the best airline companies heading towards India include:

  • TransAsia Airways

It is a budget-friendly flight service and a Taiwan-based airline service provider. It serves 33 destinations. With a fleet size of 21 and a cancellation rate of 0.10%, TransAsia is an actively progressing flight service provider.

  • Mahan Air

It is a Tehran-based airline company where Delhi being one of the flight destinations. It is one of the achievements of aviation companies in India where Mahan Air is heading as an active participator. It has a fleet size of 57 and provides flight services to 61 destinations worldwide. The flight service includes 37 local and 24 international destinations.

  • Air Mauritius

This budget-friendly airline service company is the fourth largest carrier in Sub-Saharan Africa. It has a fleet size of 13 and makes trips to 41 global destinations

Aviation Companies in India not only provides services to passengers but delivers cargos and shipments as well. Airlines generate over 9% of revenues via cargo business, which is twice of the money that business-class usually generates. Therefore, it is counted as one of the major help towards the economy of Ind

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