There are different types of water heater available in the market. The three different types motor heaters are:

Some tankless water heaters are reducing the energy prices. So, take a good water heater is the best idea. The AIC Canada provides the best power heaters which are highly durable.

Tankless heating units:

Tankless heaters are heating the water only with the help of an electrical coil. They are sized to suitcase size. The water is getting heated by warmth exchanger which is residing inside the heater. The heat exchanger design could prevent many issues. It also prevents tank failing energy lost by regularly reheating the water. They get rid of many typical issues and stop them. The problem of these heaters are, they couldn’t work properly when using it regularly and the water is also not much warmth in the summer. It comes at an affordable price. If you have limitations in price, you can choose it.

Solar water heating units:

It is similar to the electrical heaters.A roof mounted enthusiast absorbs heat from the sunlight and transfer it to hot water. The process runs in a systematic manner and it takes some time for heating. It saves cost and power savings in summer season. You can invest some amount of money and is also running in many years. This is the best choice to buy. The people who want to save money or power can opt to choose this.

Storage tank heaters:

The storage tank heaters are made up of steel cylinders. The water is warm inside the storage tank and the heated water is coming from the hot water pipe. It contains another valve which is used to reduce the temperature when it exceeds the maximum level of heating. You can also see the drain valve near to the container which control temperature and gas levels.

The gas heaters are also available with storage tank heaters which are better than the electric heaters. But the gas heater costs more than the other heaters because of usage of the gas. It is working similar to the electrical heater and heat exchangers. The oil heater storage tanks are also available in the market. The oil burner is resides top of the heater, which is more expensive than others. This is the reason most of the homeowners are going to buy storage tank heaters which are comes at an affordable price.

Hybrid Electrical Heating System:

The hybrid electric heating system has an electrical heater combined with the pump which extracts heat from the surrounding air and transfer it to heat water. It takes less time for heating and using some technique to warm the water. It consumes less energy and saves the power.

They’re also having some disadvantages. They require 7 feet space from the floor to ceiling because it contains warth pump on top of the heater. They require some amount of room temperature to absorb heat from the air. In addition, the drain pump cannot reside in the condensate pump. Hybrid heating units produce noises than other storage tank heaters.

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