You have just installed a new roof and not only does it provide you with great looks for your house and the comfort you wished it would give, it also is energy efficient. Remember that everything can change and so does the current conditions for your home. Now, you have to prepared as to what your roof will face as it lives on. Here we tackle some of the problems roofing might encounter.

The Four Elements of Earth: Rain, Wind, Sun, Snow/Ice, and Trees

Roofing is one the most exposed parts out the house and is subject to everyday stress. It might be able to give you the protection today, but what about tomorrow, the next year, or the next decade? Rain water can seep in through the shingles and shakes and get to the deck and work its way to rot it. It also gets moss if you don’t check and clean it. The wind can lift up tiles and even remove them. The sun can bleach your roof all day. And because it’s constant, there is little you can do after the roof is installed. Snow and ice can also get it to work improperly. If a roof is poorly constructed, it might give way. Snow may melt and let water seep in the roof deck too. Make sure to check your roof every time a harsh weather comes by, this will save you lost of cash. Trees, however, shall be trimmed short. They should not scratch the parts of the roof for it speeds up the imminent deterioration of roofs. If a house is by a hill or a cliff, make sure that roof is strong! In case landslide occurs, make sure it can hold out.


Well, in a sense this is true. Some people tend to be careless when it comes to roofs. When cleaning the roof, inexperienced people or people without knowledge of the roof’s delicate parts may unknowingly damage the roofs and give it great deterioration over one period. Also, hiring roofing contractors that are untested may accidentally damage it. This goes for the A/C installers or people who install antennas and cables, too. Also, human waste can damage roofs, as some people tend to throw things up to roofs not knowing that they speed up the deterioration big time.

Poor Installation

This seems to be the greatest enemy a roof may face. As humans and unlike machines, our performances vary and that is why poor installation tends to get so dangerous. The roof might fall out, water may flow in, and tiles in the roof might get blown away by winds. All of these may be caused just by poor installation for these occurrences don’t happen on a regular basis. That is why it is best to get done perfectly from the start and doing so, may save you from future cash burning. These may be solved by hiring the perfect roofing contractors Plymouth Michigan has some of the greatest roofing contractors to help you get it perfectly installed, or remodelled.

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