When you drink and drive, there are chances that you make an accident and sometimes there are also chances that you will be caught by the police. It is immaterial whether you have drunk too much or whether you just have one or two glasses of drink, you will be arrested for drink and drive case. The Toronto criminal defense lawyer can be of your help in this kind of situations. Yes, find out a top firm like Brian Ross Law and you will be out of the case with no case or with just a little penalty. Finding such efficient law firm or such efficient lawyers can be a difficult task for you, but you should not neglect it. Having a best lawyer can help you to get out of the case with ease.

Some people think that it is not going to be a very tough job to fight your own case when you are arrested for a simple drink and drive case. You have taken just one or two glasses of drink and there is no harm done to anyone. But that is no going to really easy for you to fight the case. Do you even have any idea about what are the charges that can be imposed on you?

  • Heavy penalty
  • License suspension temporarily
  • Jail in some cases, where any harm is caused
  • Your vehicle may be impounded
  • Counselling for you
  • Home arrest
  • Installation of breathe analyzers in the vehicle like car

All this is just some information. Depending on the law prevailing in the state, you may have to pay a lot more than what is being mentioned above. You will not be able to handle all this alone unless and until you are having a very good idea about the law. A criminal defence lawyer Brampton will be the right person to help you in getting out of this case.

Always remember that you are looking for a top lawyer and you will be able to get the top lawyer, when you are having knowledge about how to hire one. You should hire a lawyer who is able to get you out of the jail first and the one who is able to help you and see that your license is not suspended. These two things are really important as the vehicle will be impounded only in major cases where some harm is caused to any other person. So, make sure that you are using the best network possible to get the top lawyer for your case. You can simply take help of the internet for finding the best lawyer and you will be all set to fight your case. You will soon be out of the DUI case as well.