Are you aware of the fact that you could easily buy Instagram followers for as low as $7? Social networking portals are well aware of this new phenomenon, and they are clamping down this questionable practice as some consider it as deceiving their fans.

The media spotlight is again shining on the buying of fake Instagram followers. Lately, social media giant – Instagram has reported that it would be elimination all of the spam accounts from their portal.

The photo-video sharing portal is not the only social media platform plagued with these fake accounts. Twitter and Facebook also have faced the issues of fake followers.

Instagram has already deactivated and even permanently removed the spam accounts. This approach has certainly affected accounts that have been relying on fake users and followers, such as celebrities, politicians, and bloggers.

It is A Very Big Business

Obviously, it appears trivial to a layman. Why would someone really buy fake Instagram followers? You may find your favorite celebrity followers increasing in a day and you may find it to be an Instagram glitch. But the fact is that this ‘follower economy’ happens to be a very big business out there. A company that offers this kind of service can charge their clients anywhere from $7 per 1000 followers to $7 per 100 followers.

For example, some of the agencies and businesses spend more than 10,000 USD monthly to buy Instagram followers. Even though businesses deny it, but several big names and even celebrities are part of their clientele.

What Would You Get From Such A Service?

What do customers get from such service? To sum it up: they get an increased number of followers only. Basically, these followers will not be reposting any of the content you will post on your account, initiating a conversation or liking posts and tweets. All it does it that it shows an immense number of followers. To the public, the account appears to be quite popular, which is good enough for the potential buyers.

The social networking industry has become quite oversaturated in the last few years time. Facebook gets to have billions of users, whereas Twitter has more than 300 million. Hence, to get noticed in a short span of time, small as well as medium-sized businesses take advantage of such services.

Furthermore, successful personnel with a large fan following can make large sums of money by merely endorsing products and services, retweeting comments, liking brands and much more. This creates a great amount of pressure for the Web celebrities to garner a massive amount of followers to experience similar levels of success.

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