A home is a special place where a family lives and share many happy, sad, frustrating or victorious moments together. For most of us, a home is considered a sacred place where the family members get to bond together by doing fun and relaxing activities. It is also a place where concerns and problems are discussed and dealt with.

Finding the perfect place to live in or what we call a home can be toxic and challenging. First to be considered is the budget intended for purchasing a home. With the budget in mind, what type of a house can be bought with it? What kind of people reside in that community? Physical structure and condition of the house? Will the community progress as time goes on? Amenities available for homeowners? Schools or churches within the community? Other necessities needed by the family? Security of residents? Contact your Ladera Ranch Real Estate Agent Amy sims at Amysims.com to get answers to any questions you might have.


Developed by the O’Neill/Avery/Moiso family development beginning in 1999, the Ladera Ranch is a fulfillment to man’s quest for the perfect place to dwell. Strategically located in the south portion of Orange County, California, this 4,000 acre community was a product of careful planning.

Below are awesome reasons why you should choose Ladera Ranch over any other communities:

Ladera Ranch was carefully planned with consumers’ opinions and beliefs given consideration. Gathering of facts about what people loved in a community was achieved by sending surveys to 20,000 people who responded to billboard advertisements of Ladera Ranch. From the responses, the developer of this flourishing community came to a conclusion that consumers purchase a home based on their personalities and values rather than on their age or income. How a person senses and views the world matters most when choosing a perfect place to live in. In a sense, the people helped conceptualized what Ladera is right now.

Ladera Ranch comprises 9 villages and each village has about 9 or 10 neighborhoods. Each village has a distinct personality with the intention of fulfilling the needs and wants of homeowners. Amenities available: 5 out of the 9 villages has its own clubhouse. The community also has its own water park, skate park, community parks, dog park and smaller swimming pools. With all these amenities, the developers of this community hope to provide a fun and relaxing way for its residents to while the time away and keep children from engaging in unhealthy activities.

Ladera Ranch has already won 3 notable awards which prove that this community has been deftly conceptualized. Awards received are: 2006 Excellence in Design – the Americas honor by Urban land; 2001-2006 Excellence in Design honors for certain villages during the pacific Coast Builders Conference; Several awards from the Orange county  sales and marketing building industry association.

The development of Ladera Ranch continues as more big name companies set up expansions here. Residents do not need to go out of the subdivision for relaxation or leisurely purposes or for shopping needs. If you want to chat with a friend over a cup of coffee, you may do so at Nescafe Dolce Gusto, Casa Italia Manila or Gloria Jeans. Fridge almost empty? Purchase at Crown Valley marketplace, Starbucks, Subway or NY Deli. Looking for a place to park your automobile? Have no fear. Several choices are available: ABM parking, Lock and Key locksmith and Lot A. Hanging out with friends at a great bar? Taste your favorite spirit at Shooter’s salon, Chili’s or Patsy’s Irish Pub. Whatever it is that a person needs and desires is inside this community. All of these are accessible and conveniently situated within the community.

Worried about protection and security? Vanish your fears and worries. Orange county Sheriff’s Department and the California Highway Patrol are responsible for enforcing the law here. Residents are assured of protection, too from unwanted trespassers. Ladera Ranch is known as the only community with a gate at the entrance. Only residents with cards are allowed entry.

Ladera Ranch offers exceptional employment opportunities for those wanting to settle here permanently. With the numerous industries and businesses set up here plus the expected opening of the technologically advanced, solar-powered Ladera Sports Facility, jobs will abound. Residents do not need to waste time traveling in their cars outside the community to earn money. They can save time traveling because their workplace will be very accessible and within short distances from their homes.

Ladera Ranch is one truly great place to live in and a worthy investment. Consider the value per square foot of land here at Ladera Ranch which went up by 19.4%. Land now is valued at $394. A home’s sales median price for 3 months beginning September, 2015 till December, 2015 is now $1,667,500 based on 8 homes, a remarkable increase of 117,1% Owning a Ladera Ranch home promises a great future. With the ongoing development of this community, homes and real estate properties are expected to fetch a handsome value. Decide now and own a home in Ladera Ranch. Seek out the services of a successful real estate broker and get the best advice in finding your perfect place in Ladera Ranch. Act now!

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