All across businesses in order to reduce the human efforts, we have robots. To assist with marketing efforts, we have bots and automation. To help the sales representatives with their work there are some really effective software tools. All we have to do is to install all of them whether on mobile, desktop or any kind of system.

But what about the skills required for a salesperson to execute the process and to end it smoothly and successfully. There is no robot, bot or any software that will install those skills in their mind. After all, a sales person salary is definitely attractive so these skills should come in as package deal.

These skills will be installed practically through instincts, learning, experience or with a specific session on this particular topic or with a knowledgeable content that contains those specific skills.

Here are the necessary skills of a successful sales person salary range.

  1. Product Knowledge

Product knowledge is the key to effective selling. A sales representative with insufficient product knowledge can never be a good seller. The training for product knowledge should be the first and foremost thing one should employ for new reps.

They should be taught about the working of each product, the business value it offers, and the reason it appeals to your company’s ideal customers.

This will help the representatives to pitch the customer effectively by highlighting the important and strongest features of the product. A deep understanding about your product or services makes you stand confident among others.

Selling can then become an effortless task when seamlessly combined with logic.

  1. Active Listening Skill

We all have heard the quote “A good listener is a good speaker”. And it really holds true for real life situations. Until or unless you listen carefully to the speaker, you won’t be able to understand his/her perspective.

If you can’t see things from their point of view then how would you deal with their confusions, queries or with their objections.

So active listening is also one of the most important skills a salesperson should contain.

It requires patience and mannerisms but is a crucial attribute.

It will help the reps to have deep empathy with the prospective customers so that they can learn more about their business, their needs and their pain points.

The knowledge acquired from active listening will help them sell more effectively and offer a better solution.

  1. Quality Questioning Skill

Quality questioning means analysing a prospect’s business need thoroughly. It’s like discovering the likes and dislikes, pain points, interests etc. about the prospect.

Questioning skill is essential for development, persuasion and for building a positive relationship.

While demonstrating the features of your service/products, it is important not to explain each and everything in a single breathe. Save some of them. You can explain those features in the quality questioning.

I mean, ask your prospect what benefits do they seek in your product, how do they think you can do better for them etc. You can ask them about their budget, authority, need, buying process in order to get key standard that will help them to purchase.

Quality questioning will make the prospect feel how much you are dedicated and how much you care about their needs and demands. It will also help in building trust.

  1. Understanding Customer Objections

Customer objection is a good sign for you. It indicates that the prospect is interested in the products or services offered by you. You just need to understand the objections and the reason behind it.

When you have understood it, you can clearly explain and address their objections at that stage. Don’t be worried if they object. Be patient and think how you can win them around by explaining things clearly and relevantly.

Explain how you can resolve their pain points in the short and long term. When you are in sale, you should always be ready for handling objections. This is also one of the field where representative should be trained for and put into different scenarios and how to overcome them.

  1. Negotiating and Closing Skill

Negotiating and closing a sales is all a matter of balance and reading the situation.
There is a lot of bluffing from both sides in order to create the best deal possible.

Usually the buyer will be delaying payment, waiting on budget access and trying to bring the price down etc and from the selling point of view, it will be a case of placing urgency on the deal – almost presenting it as a limited offer.
Ultimately the goal is to create an incentive with a long term goal in mind.


Make sure before you allow your representative to progress a sales prospect, they have these skills. If not, then you should implement appropriate training for them.

Make them understand each and every aspect of the selling selling process of your business so that they don’t get confused and stuck in a situation where they don’t find any solution to the prospects query or objection.

The skills described above are not overly complex however absolutely fundamental for each and every sales representative in making a sale. Only a skilled representative can carry out the sales process efficiently.

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