When preparing for a major event, one thing you need to consider is whether or not you’re in need of professional audio-visual equipment. This equipment can often make or break your event, especially if that event heavily relies on an audio or video presentation. If you’re going to work with an AV supplier, you want to make certain they’re going to be able to help you create a successful event. Here are four tips that can help you find the right partner and create an amazing event that wows your audience.

1. Have a Vision for Your Event

Do you have an idea of what your event venue will look like? Will you have a stage? What type of lighting will you have for it? Will your speakers be standing at a podium or walking around? Will you have multiple people talking at once or someone speaking while a video plays? Having a plan for your event can help you understand what specialize audio visual equipment you need. It will also make it easier to explain to an AV supplier what you need and how you want the venue to look.

2. Have an AV Budget

Some people include their audio visual funds in the general venue budget or d├ęcor budget, but it can help to make this its own budget line item. This way, you can let your AV partner know exactly how much you can spend on lights, sound systems, and other equipment. This will also protect you from later realizing you spent too much on AV and now don’t have the necessary budget for decorating.

3. Remember Sound Is Important, Too

Many people focus on the visual of their event and don’t think about sound beyond the need for a microphone. But sound also includes speakers, a sound-board, and other equipment. If you’re going to have live performances, you may need a sound-board to make certain the music, multiple microphones, and sound effects are all at the right volumes relative to each other. You may need to have additional speakers brought in for some venues, too, especially if you’ll have people sitting fairly far from the speaker or stage.

4. Understand the AV Needs for Your Event

If you’re having a full theater performance, concert, or other major performance that’s going to involve multiple microphones, music, spotlights, and other types of audio and visual special effects, realize that you’re going to have a greater need for professional audio-visual equipment than if you only have a single speaker using a stand microphone. Understanding the AV needs for your particular event is key to preparing the budget and for determining what equipment you need.

If you’re not certain what your needs are, don’t hesitate to call a professional AV company. They have helped many clients determine their AV needs, and they will be more than happy to assist you, too. They will help you determine the right type of lights, microphones, speakers, and everything else you need.

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