Bootstrapping is a promising situation where an entrepreneur strategically uses self-starting process that starts and develops a business with a little budget. An entrepreneur who engages in this kind of entrepreneurial decision usually uses their personal finances and resources .Bootstrapping is considered to be the most inexpensive and effective way to start a business. It results to less borrowed money and interest that  entrepreneur get from fund raising .It has less risk  failure since it focuses on emphasizing ways on making money.  It is also very beneficial since it give entrepreneurs the freedom to have control over all decisions.   In the computer world bootstrapping happens all the time .It refers to the process of loading basic software to the computer and it then proceeds to load other larger software that could operate other computer systems. There are a lot of successful digital businesses that started from bootstrapping one of these is the 123RF. It is a digital stock library that offers images, video footages, audio clips and illustration that could be used for websites and social media contents.123RF is very successful in its field it hailed as the 4th largest They are hailed as the largest stock image website and the largest micro stock library in the world.

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123RF humble beginnings and bootstrapping

123RF is the flagship of 123RF, is the flagship of Inmagine Group. It is an online stock library that supplies high quality and high resolution images, audio clips, video footages and illustration to websites and social media platforms around the world. It is the 4th largest media digital library in the whole world that has 60 million images, the audio clips, the video footages, and the illustrations sourced from over 300,000 contributors. Sixteen years ago Inmagine Group starts as a small office in south east asia .They use bootstrapping strategies to get where they are today.They make sure to get their business fundamentals right and  take one step at a time .They always has an open mind ready to compete the demands of their clients.They are also open to cultural diversity that pave ways to new ideas that could develop their strengths.The group values the importance of customer service and support it gives their clients the satisfaction that could boost their positive cash flow.They are not afraid of changes instead they welcome new possibilities and they are hungry for  new ideas that could expand their  company.

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